Can I come in and buy flowers?
We are a private floral studio and we only accept online pre-orders. 

What is your shop phone number?
We don’t have a store phone and never will! You can check out our website for info on ordering or email us at hello@wildhoodto.com. We respond quickly, promise!


Do you offer delivery?
We do! You can order anything on our website for delivery.

What time will my delivery arrive?
We use a small local courier service that manages deliveries based on volume and location so we can’t narrow down specific delivery times but we guarantee that your order will arrive by 7pm (but usually sooner!). 

I need my delivery at a specific time. 
We are able to offer timed deliveries with advanced notice. Note that there is an additional charge. Please reach out to us about this before ordering! 

How can I track my delivery?
We do not offer driver tracking but you can always reach out to us on the day of your delivery and we can always touch base with the driver to see how far they are from your delivery location.

Will I receive a notification when my delivery arrives?
No, but rest assured that your order will be delivered on the date you selected. We recommend giving the recipient a heads up that a surprise is coming their way! If you have any concerns, always reach out to us at hello@wildhoodto.com.  

Can my delivery driver just leave my order on my porch?
Absolutely! The best temperature for storing flowers is 4-8 degrees Celsius. If the weather is the right temperature, sometimes drivers will leave your orders on the porch. If temperatures are well below freezing or high in humidity, drivers may opt to reattempt flower and plant deliveries the following day to preserve their life span and your enjoyment of the flowers.

If delivery is unsuccessful, we will reach out to you to let you know. For condos, we are always happy to leave deliveries with building security if they’ll accept them.   

When can I pick up my order? 
On the date and time you selected at checkout! We will also send reminder emails on the day of your pick-up to remind you. 

I wanted this for delivery but I selected/my email says it’s for pick-up.
If you mistakenly entered the wrong service, just email us at hello@wildhoodto.com! We can change your order to delivery and vice versa.


I submitted an order through Instagram DMs or Facebook messenger. Did you receive it?
Definitely not. We get a lot of DMs and unfortunately can’t get to them all. If you are trying to order, please go through our website! 

I’m trying to order online but having technical difficulties/have questions. How do I contact you?
Email us at hello@wildhoodto.com. I promise, we’re quick at responding. 


Why does my order not look exactly like the picture on the website?
Fresh flowers change out seasonally so our photos are an example of our design style and the bouquet size rather than an exact image of the arrangement. 

Can I request specific flowers?
Absolutely! We may not always be able to accommodate (peonies in December are just never going to happen) but we will try to match flowers as closely as possible.

How do I treat my vase arrangement when it arrives?
We recommend topping up the water, sitting back and enjoying them! Changing out the water every day is optimal but if you can’t commit to that, try every other day. 

How do I treat my hand-tied bouquet?
Gently remove the wrapping and the water sponge and bag. Place in a vase of fresh water. We recommend changing the water out every other day at the least and keeping it free of leaves and debris. Fresh water does more for flowers than flower food ever will!

Why are you often sold out of flowers?
We restock flowers 2-3 times a week. We like to use everything in our fridge within a few days to ensure you’re getting the most fresh flowers. Sometimes we sell out on weekends when wholesalers are closed so we have no option to restock. Either way, the goal is to never have flowers left in the fridge by the end of the week so we minimize our waste.  

My flowers only lasted 5/9/17/300 days and I’m angry. 
We unfortunately cannot control nature when it doesn’t behave the way we want it to. Generally our bouquets last around 7-14 days but certain flowers don’t (hello wildflowers and peonies). If it’s been an unreasonably short time before your flowers died, politely reach out to us and we’ll do our best to make it right! 

What percentage of your flowers are locally grown?
This fluctuates throughout the year. We strongly prefer local flowers and are at almost 100% in the summer months. However, this is Canada, so winter months we do have to supplement with imports from time to time.  

Can you help me with gardening/farming advice?
We know our cut flowers but farming and gardening is a whole other ballgame. We can always recommend folks that offer these services though!

Can I have your leftover/dying flowers for my art project? 
We use all of our flowers and always keep a goal of selling out the fridge each week so that we never have leftovers or create any waste.


Do you do weddings?
We have started taking on select, small weddings as we grow into this industry and adjust to floral studio life. We recommend shopping our a la carte event page if you’re looking for something small and easy.

I’m just going to order a different bouquet from your website for my wedding! They’ll never know!
We might not but we do not recommend doing this! A bouquet meant to be carried all day requires a different set of mechanics. Our hand-tied bouquets are designed to be placed in a vase within 30-60 minutes once out of water bags. There are certain florals that are not recommended for wedding bouquets because they do not last long out of water. Avoid disappointment and order a bridal bouquet from our a la carte section to be sure it’s designed for wedding use!


What is your commitment to local makers?
We try to carry a majority of local women makers and are currently sitting at about 95% Canadian and woman-made.

Do you carry any mass-produced products?
Yes, some items are mass produced to keep prices equitable and to keep in mind the community we’re serving. 

Can I come by your shop to show you samples of my work to be carried in store?
We’re always looking for new local makers but we are a private floral studio that doesn’t accept walk-ins so your best bet is to email us at hello@wildhoodto.com with your wholesale pricing and line sheets. If we’re interested, we’ll get back to you!