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Botanica: The Herbalist's Tarot Cards

Raincoast Books


Created by illustrator Kevin Jay Stanton, this 78-card deck features traditional paintings rooted in classical tarot interpretations that delve into the lore and mythology of the plant kingdom.

For over five hundred years, humans have used Tarot cards as a tool for divination and meditation. Their archetypal symbols have mystical, philosophical and psychological implications that allow us to understand our past, our future, and ourselves. But even older than that is the symbolism we've always assigned to the plants that grow around us. Hermetic, alchemical and scientific traditions explore flowers as tools for making meaning, medicine and magic. 

BOTANICA marries the tradition of Tarot to a lexicon far more ancient: the natural vocabulary of life on Earth. 

BOTANICA takes all of the major and minor arcana of traditional Tarot and reinvents them in the language of flowers. The Queen of Swords is Red Oleander. The Hermit is a Chinese Lantern. The High Priestess is the Elderflower. The Devil is Nightshade.

The deck features  the complete set of 78 Tarot cards, illustrated with acrylic and ink paintings. The Major Arcana are defined by single plants and flowers, and the Minor Arcana are plants combined with the objects from their suit, with regalia on the court cards.

The cards are 3.25" x 4.15", printed on premium heavyweight card stock and emblazoned on the back with gold foil. Each deck contains 78 Tarot cards, a golden charm, an embroidered patch, 4 terrarium stickers and 6 postcards.